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So it seems we have survived a busload of gloom-and-doom prophecies. We’re in for a little celebration, aren’t we? This piece of news comes in handy: sugar molecules (glycolaldehyde, to be more precise) have been spotted quite close to a sun-like star. I’d be happy with a strong mojito and a mild tan…

E’ il momento di un brindisi alla facciaccia dei catastrofisti del solstizio (e astronomi della domenica). Molecole di zucchero – glicoaldeide per la precisione – sono state trovate nello spazio interstellare, non troppo distanti da una stella simile al nostro Sole.  Per me un mojito bello tosto e giust’un filo di abbronzatura, grazie!

Sugar Molecules Discovered Around Sun-Like Star | Search for Life & Alien Planets | Space.com.


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“Tatooine” Planet With Two Suns Could Host Habitable Moon?.

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Ghiaccio della cometa Hartley 2 simile ai nostri oceani | Gaianews.it.

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Eyes on the Solar System: Intro.

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Grandfather paradox : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.


I love paradoxes. They provide endless loopholes for wormholes, and more. I dwell in them like a house mouse in swiss cheese – lovely homeholes.





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brain tissue, on the left; network of galaxies, on the right; awe interspersed

Imagines de Cell Imaging – Imagines Muri. Brain tissue on the left. network of galaxies on the right. Awe interspersed.

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Three images are Hubble telescope images of nebulae, three are from our microscopes top = dye in solution, middle=3T3 cell with Golgi and F-actin labels, bottom=fluorescent microspheres in solution. Interesting similarities.

Cell Imaging,


without reading the full text, just guess which images belong to the microcosmos, and which to its big brother


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