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When the sky goes black, the picture turns bleak for over 1,5 billion people who live mainly in developing countries. Having no access to public electricity, they have to settle for expensive, unhealthy fuels such as kerosene. The price to pay is heavy, both personally and environmentally. Solar panels are, for the moment, not yet viable in terms of costs and skills required to install and maintain them. That’s why this amazing invention strikes me as pure genius. Lift it – in 3 seconds – and it will light up its surroundings for 30 minutes. In the very words of its developers:

GravityLight is a revolutionary new approach to storing energy and creating illumination. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent. For free.

Following the initial inspiration of using gravity, and years of perspiration, we have refined the design and it is now ready for production. We need your help to fund the tooling, manufacture and distribution of at least 1000 gravity powered lights. We will gift them to villagers in both Africa and India to use regularly. The follow-up research will tell us how well the lights met their needs, and enable us to refine the design for a more efficient MK2 version. Once we have proved the design, we will be looking to link with NGOs and partners to distribute it as widely as possible. When mass produced the target cost for this light is less than $5.

Enlightened are those who will contribute to this endeavor.

via  GravityLight: lighting for developing countries. | Indiegogo.


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So it seems we have survived a busload of gloom-and-doom prophecies. We’re in for a little celebration, aren’t we? This piece of news comes in handy: sugar molecules (glycolaldehyde, to be more precise) have been spotted quite close to a sun-like star. I’d be happy with a strong mojito and a mild tan…

E’ il momento di un brindisi alla facciaccia dei catastrofisti del solstizio (e astronomi della domenica). Molecole di zucchero – glicoaldeide per la precisione – sono state trovate nello spazio interstellare, non troppo distanti da una stella simile al nostro Sole.  Per me un mojito bello tosto e giust’un filo di abbronzatura, grazie!

Sugar Molecules Discovered Around Sun-Like Star | Search for Life & Alien Planets | Space.com.

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Short Sharp Science: Shot from a Doctor Who camera.

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The video is amazing!

Architizer Blog » Design by Gravity.


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Il silicio sgualcito che trasforma la luce | Le Scienze Web News.

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Eyes on the Solar System: Intro.

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