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Where do good ideas come from?

sottotitoli in spagnolo

de donde vienen las buenas ideas? – YouTube.

Quite obviously, they come from crystallized shared ebullion(s).


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“In acorn worm embryos, a forebrain-like signalling centre switches on in the proboscis; a midbrain-like one is active in the collar of tissue just below the proboscis; and a hindbrain-like centre can be found where the collar meets the worm’s trunk.”

viaMarine worm rewrites theory of brain evolution : Nature News & Comment.

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Galileo – Giornale di Scienza | Altruismo a quattro zampe.

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“Ctenophores present a nervous system which is very similar to that found in Cnidaria, the other phylum that is composed of animals with radial symmetry. This nervous system is organized mainly as a nervous network, in which each neuron is connected to many others in a seemingly random fashion. No central control is found here; the nervous systems of radial animals are the best example, in nature, of a diffuse nervous system. Two interconnected networks, one in the epidermis and one at the basis of the gastrodermis, are found. The axons from the neurons in this network terminate either in other neurons, or in junctions with sensorial or effector organs.”via“And through strange aeons, even Death may die” – The Descent of Brain Blog | Nature Publishing Group.

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Why People Lost Their Fur | The Scientist.


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